They called it the strongest storm front to move though the Marquette, Michgian area in years. I was so awestruck I did not pick-up my cellphone to take shots. I did not grab my digital camera. The hail came down so hard it was a white-out. Water rushed down Baraga Avenue in front of the Marquette Food Co-op where I was doing my Particating Owner Shift. The water fast and deep was at least a foot deep if not more. Hail the size of golfballs. I watched the face of farmers and friends and I wanted to cry.

I rushed home as soon as the storm passed. Windows open. My garden shredded by hail. A Hosta plant four feet in circumference mere shreds. The Tomatoes plants a single stalk. Bark had been stripped from tender cherry trees. The hot peppers beaten to small pieces, now laying on the ground.

Neighbors had damage to thier Japanese model cars. My Grand Am made of harder steel okay. The fascia and siding on neighbors houses damage. Windows broken. Screens torn. Roof shingles peeling. The streets lined with green leaves looked surreal.

My daughter called to make sure I had not been caught ouside in the storm. I called Mike who came home from work. We called family to see how they had faired.

Mike took some digital photos and I will post some soon.

Still, today I am in awe of the damage to the gardens.


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Upper Peninsula Michigan Artist and Writer

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