Gypsy Pie Society

Friday June 22, 2007 the Gypsy Pie Society (GPS) gathered on Ludington and 8th street at the 8th Street CoffeeHouse in Escanaba to share poetry and photography.

Arriving early, I took some dinner down to the waterfront and discovered Ludington Park. Off work at 3pm, I made the trip early, stopping along the way to gather items for the camping trip this weekend. I had a migraine by the time I stopped for dinner. Regardless I walked in the wind and sun and drank in the park, marina, kids and dogs, people putting together thier pontoon boat, seagulls, wild roses. I got to the coffeeshop 30 minutes early and decided there was not a single poem I wanted to read.

So I enjoyed the company, Tamara, Ann, Mark, Becky, Micheal all had things to share. It had been two months since we gathered in Munising. Personally, with commitments, I had stuggled to create new poetry. But I suceeded in finishing the website and starting this blog. I picked up freelance work doing webdesign. I went on a trip to the west end of the peninsula: Paulding Lights, Bond Falls, Sylvania Wilderness, Black River Gorge, Antonios.

Once I shifted to the floor, tossed off my sandals, removed my jewlery, and lounged I was able to ease the headache some and enjoy the company I was in. Mark is an amzing photographer. Ann had wonderful black and whites that she will be printing on copper. Mike is working on his next poem, from the mother’s point of view–Fall. Tamara is working on a Gypsy inspired poem. I shared my signature poem on request. And work I hope to approach this weekend while camping.

Our next GPS gathering will be in Houghton August 30th.

I am posting this unedited as I leave for Big Bay and a campsite near the shore of lake Independance.


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