Toad on the Doorstep–Friend or Foe

Last night shortly before going to bed a toad appeared on the doorstep. A large toad colorful and dry had blocked the treshhold. He was comfortable to be petted. I did not pick-up this large toad (abut the size of my palm or fist) as I did not want to be wetted. Instead both Mike and I grabbed our cameras (later I promise pics). I wondered about the omen but waited until morning to google–“toad on doorstep omen.”

 According to FOLKLORICA: Journal of the Slavic and East European Folklore AssociationCertain sounds and tactile sensations are said to be portents of death, as are certain

types of dreams. For example, an omen that indicates that a family member, usually the male head of the household, is about to die is the howling of a dog, especially at the feet of the person in question (pes vyie na lapy). A dog digging at the earth near the house foreshadows death, as does a cow escaping into a neighbor’s yard. Other omens include a shrew continuously digging dirt in the yard (krit krute) or a toad finding its way into the house proper. Insect omens include the ceaseless chirping of house crickets and the sudden appearance of a great number of houseflies or bees.

I guess it is very good that Mike was so insistent that we not let the toad enter our home. But I think he was not an ill omen but a good omen a shaman, shape shifted, who had arrived to share with me magic before my trip.



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  1. i just found a large toad in my dogs 5 gallon bucket on the front porch.
    there was another one (or maybe the same one) in there last night.
    i carried him about 60 feet to the gate, so the dogs wouldn’t get him when i put him down.
    the toad i found in the bucket this morning is a girl…computer says girls have white bellys.
    she can’t get out of the coffee can i have her in
    so i think its weird that she was able to jump into the t gallon bucket twice.
    on the computer i found that toads are an omen of a major life change
    another site said it was an omen of impending death.
    since there is no water outside here except the dogs 5 gallon water bucket
    and i read that toads need a permanent water supply
    i’m taking her to my cabin on the creek in a little while.

  2. Good question! No one has passed away :-) so the toad did not bring death. But the toad did bring changes, of course!! Remember death can mean change the end of old and coming of new things. :-) My photography has come to a new level. I have a new job with health insurance. I have lost over 45 pounds! And a lot of web searches for Toad Mythology have brought traffic to my website ;-)

  3. ive just found a toad on my doorstep, when I opened the door he looked up as if to say “hello, why do you look so surprised, I live here”. After reading previous messages, as male of household crapping myself now. What does it mean??

  4. I have just come across this site by chance. For over a week now in the freezing cold there has been a toad in the garden on the step,(coming and going) last Wed night it wasn`t on the step but in the distance. On the follwoing day (Thurs)sadly I had to have my 15.5yr old dog put to sleep (I am devastated) however since this day the toad hasn`t been seen. I too was wondering if this was an omen and now I tend to believe. x

  5. I hope the “toad in the home” theory is only about change…as i just came home from work to find a large toad frantically trying to “escape” into my fridge door! i carefully ushered it around the back of the fridge and back out the front door with a broom. I have a 1″ opening under my entry door, but have never had a toad in my home before…centipedes and cockroaches galore, but no toads to date (33 years in this home). I am in desperate need of GOOD change in my life, as i have recently lost everyone in my family older then me, aside from my 36 yr old brother (i am 33) and i’m afraid i couldn’t survive one more tragedy. I am not superstitious…well maybe a little as i looked this up, but i am a huge skeptic… so i hope if the toad thing means Anything…that it’s a Good thing… : / thank you for your posts….i am hopeful about the “change” theory : )

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