Secret Garden

As part of my recent trip to the Keweenaw, I stayed overnight with Carol Rose and got to visit Keweenaw Krayons. While staying with Carol I did some gardening and had the opportunity and pleasure to snap some photos. I was using a borrowed digital camera not my usual Fuji Disposable with Flash. Being that I get good color with the Fuji I was worried about these garden shots. My own digital does not seem to have enough memory to take the rich colored photos. I am pleased with this shot.

Carol founded Keweenaw Krayons and has involved the youth with Gardening. Be sure to check out the information on Guerilla Gardening.

My stay with Carol was wonderful. I had the chance to ponder the art in my life. Where I would like to see myself take art in my own community. And ponder how I can create opportunity for others and myself.

After leaving Friday morning, at Carol’s urging, I visited a wonderful store in Calumet called, Beadazed. I picked up some copper beads, an abalone shell piece I hope to wire wrap, and a hunk of rose quartz.

I also dropped in on the Copper Country Community Arts Center. Attened a Gypsy Pie Society gathering at Northwind Books. We had five in attendance, all particpants had made the trip from Marquette which is why we call ourselves gypsies. I find these journies feed my creativity and are a commitment to community with other writers and artists. I have needed this sense of belonging.

I had a chance to visit the Granma Door installation in Hancock and was even interviewed by a downstate writer after snapping the following photo. I was taken in by the open sign to the community center and the grandma doors themselves. Hancock, especially strikes me as a community that fosters heritage and art. In Marquette, we also have the Grandma Doors on display in the Lower Harbor (more on doors later).


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