Volunteering at Bay Cliff Health Camp

This week I am attending Bay Cliff Health Camp for a Post Polio Camp where I am massaging the campers. This is the second annual post polio camp/clinic . Where I have not had a private practice the last couple of years, I have massaged at this camp. I meet the greatest people and I come away feeling good about my day’s work. This year I am at Bay Cliff for three days massaging.

Post-Polio Awareness Week is just around the corner, 1 – 7 November. This is a syndrome that effects people who had polio as children and come their 30s or later, Post Polio Syndrome brings many health complications.

Symptoms include slowly progressive muscle weakness, unaccustomed fatigue (both generalized and muscular), and, at times, muscle atrophy. Pain from joint degeneration and increasing skeletal deformities such as scoliosis are common. Some patients experience only minor symptoms. While less common, others may develop visible muscle atrophy, or wasting. (source: http://www.ninds.nih.gov/disorders/post_polio/detail_post_polio.htm)


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