More Gramma Doors, Marquette Michigan

The Gramma Doors are down in Marquette. They came down with the help of NMU students with shovels and ratchets. Each door was attached to metal posts that were cemented into the ground. The metal brackets were donated and the metal returned back to the company that made them. I heard the cement would be recycled as well. People could reclaim their doors. If you want to see more Gramma Doors, this week in Hancock nearly 100 doors are on display Friday, October 5, 2007 from 6-8pm. There will be food, music and prizes. Family and friends will be standing next to the doors to lend further insight as to their ancestors.  I found this information at There is also another link that I came across–it has no information but has a slide show of doors in Hancock. If you happen to be in the Keweenaw you can visit this site for more information.

The hardest part about finding information on the doors is that you need to look under two different spellings: Gramma and Grandma.

I have a great interest in Community and Art. I am in awe of how a large scale art installment can change the landscape in which we live. It affects our sense of place, and in the case of many of Mary Wright’s projects, it strengthens heritage. I believe it also enriched the harvest this fall. This project brought excitement to many and showed how rich, vibrant and alive both Marquette and Hancock’s communities are.

The Saturday the doors started coming down in Marquette, I visited the Lower Harbor, the community gardens in Park Cemetary and the farmer’s market at The Commons building dowtown. I watched community work, play, gather, harvest, and grow in their interactions.

This summer the birth of my grandson, Liam, has me focused on growth and creation. How will he see me over the years of his life? Hopefully not as the Angry Grandmother.

I talked with a Grandmother who was picking up a door her grandchildren crafted. On it was a bathtub, the old antique procelain tub with feet. The background was a cheerful yellow. Bubbles floated on the air.

I want to be the gramma who knows about clouds and trees. The gramma who takes her grandchildren camping and kayaking. I want to help little hands make their own books, and sit listening intently to thier stories in a garden. A garden with chinese lanterns, morning glories, silver dollars and giant sunflowers. Green beans climbing poles. Pumpkins escaping the fences.

I want to be young with them (grandkids) and full of discovery, everyday. This summer we (Mike and I) planted Little Liam a red maple tree. I am plotting out a new garden that will allow him to hide from tall adults. We shall have tiny sandwhiches with no crusts, and learn about tea, herbs, bees and honey.

 I have decided the world is full of doing, creating, teaching and learning. I want to learn much from Liam. I want to watch my daughter become mother as I become grandmother.

I have many more doors to share. But I think I will save some to post this winter. When we need to remember the warmth of grandma and her cookies.


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