Free Write Fling October 6, 2007

Plastic Flowers Do Not Mean Prosperity

I am sitting in a restaurant in Silver City and it strikes me that plastic flowers do not bring prosperity. The person who set them there I am sure had good intentions. Give the guest something to view, something pleasant. But looking out this restaurant window to the arrangement outside I’m puzzled. Who thinks that plastic faded flowers stuck in dirt look natural or pleasant? It is early in the season, still, October 6th.

Hardy Mums. Black-Eyed Susans, a native plant. Marigolds grow from seed are less expensive than plastic flowers. How long have these plastic flowers been here? They are faded past their reds and artificial blues. I am now worried about the food that will be delivered to my table.

In the bathroom, there is a heavy orange macramé planter with no plant. Off the dining area is a small gift shop. It holds the contents a gift magazine, the kind my grandma received in the mail back in the 70s. You break it you buy it is the warning! I do not step into the room with small glass angels in gaudy colors. I don’t want them copming home with me.

Whitefish overcooked and fishy. Potato, baked, tastes like soap. My soup is depression era variety weak and watery tomato base with cabbage chunked and two carrot pieces, a diced potato and no spice. The waitress is cranky and says the same exact script at each table. White blouse, back pants, glasses, older woman with gray hair. The sign on the door says, For Sale. My coffee is weak brown colored water. And I so want a cup of Joe, strong, hot.

Plastic flowers do not mean prosperity and I under-tip leaving 10%.

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