Free Write Fling, October 9, 2007

Minutiae: A small or trivial detail?

Lichen and Moss, Porcupine Mountain State Park Oct. 6, 2007Lush detail of the small features in our natural world are far from trivial, to me. Texture. Rich color. Contrast. Layers. I am enamored of mosses and lichens. They make me squeal with glee like a small child discovering the world with a magnifying glass for the first time.

My father was a biology and math teacher. My mother foraged mushrooms and you never knew which plant from the woodland was to appear in your salad at dinner. I think fondly of my early years, as they were a constant science lesson. I learned early how the cushy ground under hemlocks felt as I walked.

Free from the constraints of film and developing for the first time, my digital camera lets me play with shots I was once conservative of. This is one of those shots. The rain and wet were such a blessing as the natural world was vibrantly drinking in and plumping up.

I had entered a fairy world and left my ordinary day behind. Humming as I turned down each corner of a path, open, observant to the smallest detail—certainly not trivial details.

These are the textures that inform our eyes, not just as artists, but this richness refreshes all. Spa like. Green. Nourished. We pause and breathe, releasing our daily stressors to revel in the magic around us.

The pursuit of beauty is so very necessary in our lives. For those who cannot get out and enjoy nature close up and personal, I commit to share my adventures. I choose to be a child who discovers worms, mushrooms, insects, and soldier mosses.

Come with me, again. Tomorrow. And the next day.

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