Trippin’ III

Have you ever checked out Creative Health? Where I have fun with The Dailies, there is information on writing,  poetry readings and Creative Inspirations. In fact, many of the inspriation topics have come from my explorations into nature. Trippin’ is good for creativity! My Creative Inspiration articles are now available to all in Health & Happiness.

I left part of myself back under a mushroom in the Porcupine Mountains, I am sure. I have been a bit off and lost, thinking of lush layers on the forest floor.

My partner, Mike took footage of a large mushroom cluster on the side of a hemlock tree as it spored. The wet days and humid weather and the sun that followed had mushrooms popping. I will be doing research into the different mushrooms we each photographed. It may take a while to post what I find–If you have knowledge on the discoveries please post below. Let me know of your own efforts on the forest floor.

This ghostly scene had me thinking of Sleepy Hollow and the Headless Horseman. That is fog in the background. The shrouded trunks created shadows and yet the mist could not totally dull colors in the wilderness of the Porcupine Mountains. It was a fairytale land, one imagined when spooky stories are shared in the darkness of night. But, oh how the light danced as we hiked! Keeping us alert to the next discovery among the musty leaves.

As I knelt to take photos, I was ready for a fright, to come across the spirit-being living under the umbrella of the toadstool.

As I climbed over a wooden fence, meant to keep those safe from the powerful waterfalls, I stopped to  gaze upon a gray haired mother and her daughter of 20-something. Mom was sitting on a wooden bench listening to the falls, still as could be, mesmerized. The daughter’s head napping on mother’s lap. Both waiting for the spell to break. As I am still.

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