Free Write Fling, October 13, 2007

Migraine Madness II

Kinder gentler migraine? Can you begin to imagine mowing a yard for an hour, deep, deep, wet green and the mower bogging down in the thick and shade of it?

I wish it was a simple as all that. I woke with the migraine from the day before. Saturday, early morning, my jaw was not (yet) tight until anger surfaced in a flash and I was fire. I was clearing boards from the lawn when a comment from Mike changed my course.

The migraine radiates from jaw (TMJ) and ear pain. I have been using hot compresses, rosemary, peppermint, and lavender oil scalp massages and anti-inflammatory drugs and huge doses of coffee. A jaw pop and an earache formed a block of chi over a month ago, only in the last couple of days have I marked any improvement. A two-day migraine had my skull feeling compressed and words will not flow.

Sentences come out garbled and backwards. Worse, I start a thought and then it is gone.

Knowing I wanted to complete work during the migraine due to the weakness that follows, I set out to mow. Sidetracked by anger that needed release–I was back at it in an hour after Hugs, Breath, and Apologies–I turned it around and started on a new foot.

Here I sit writing. Thinking of the message or lesson to all this. Migriane Pain is usually a sign that I need to stop and listen. But now with jaw pain I think the newly added message is to watch my words.

(During the height of the migraine yesterday I took shots, many too blurred and too bright. I will post them soon as part of my commitment to create art during a migraine. I felt a drive starting on Thursday to create, paint, write, and sculpt. The urge was pressing.)

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