Free Write Fling, October 15, 2007

Break Wall Lower HarborMigraine Mania

Migraine mania, the burst of creative energy that drives me. Writing. Painting. Photographs. Decorating. Cleaning the home in a whirlwind.

It is a burst of energy that leads to a tingle and buzzed feeling of contentment. This is followed occasionally by crankiness and the need to bury my head from all light.

Interestingly enough, lately, I can knock back a headache if I promise myself to first create. The shot I share here was taken looking at light or squinting at light not knowing quite what I was framing but trusting the buzz. If you get migraines you may understand.

I used to not be able to drive, function, think, talk. With odd deals bargained for with my inner self I am finding a way to create. The last headache started with an aura, a burst of energy, and ended today. Monday. That is a new record.

Today I noticed a lethargic feel, depression, and dullness followed the release of a migraine. So please excuse this free write. it is more an exploration of what I am trying to comprehend.

I was a substitute teacher today at a high school and the clouds out the window did not shift for 5 hours. I would walk down the center of the biology desks helping students, pause at the back window and see the same patch of clouds and tiny bit of blue sky. An in-limbo feel accentuated by repeating the lesson 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6th periods. Still the migraine passed early in the day around 3rd hour. The clouds did not.

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