Free Write Fling, October 18, 2007

Studio before PicWhat’s in your Creative Cave? Asks Cynthia Morris. 

Cynthia asks those subscribed to Original Impulse’s Newsletter what is in our Creative Cave as she readies for year’s end.  

How appropriate that Cynthia’s Newsletter followed my last low-energy and lonesome blog entry. I need to work on my studio space to make it feel warm and inviting over the coming winter months. I have to clear out clutter in a big way in order to breathe.

Studio Before Pic Number 2Right now, I have space under the eaves of our home, at the top of the stairs to the second story. A young man has to walk thru this space to his room. Clutter is everywhere. But let’s focus on what I want. 

  • A place to curl up with a book.
  • Clear access to keyboard
  • Clear access to printer
  • Clear access to camera and supplies
  • Space for projects
  • Space for supplies
  • A lighter, airy feel to room.

Studio Before Pic Number 3Problems and Roadblocks

Our home is a cluttered space with too much to store. We make excuses that there is nothing that can be done, but something must be done.

I actually started downstairs last night. Anything in the bathroom from shampoo to soap, makeup to medicine that has not been used went in a box.  But I need to make room upstairs and stop making excuses. I need to enlist the help of Mike and his son, too. What can go into the other two rooms? There is a spare bedroom next to his sons that is also burgeoning at this time.

Studio Before Pic Number 4We are tied up in the winter is almost here mode and finishing outside projects, deer hunting, or fixing cars. My urgency seems to be this area I am sitting in, now. 

 Resources and Solutions

What supplies do I have to start with: love-seat, pillows, blankets, art supplies, paper, computer and accessories, desk, table that mike bought for me to do projects on. 

  • I can take excess books to the local bookstore and try to make some money from them.
  • I can find new storage solutions.
  • I can go thru files from old apartment and businesses and toss most.
  •  I can think of projects I want to start with.
  • I can find away to hang up many pictures that are framed and blocking space on shelves.
  • I will take before and after photos and post them.

Hidden Bonuses

The new sky light is a huge bonus when it comes to light. And also on the positive side, Mike is planning to set-up the extra bedroom as office area for him and that might help in clearing out some clutter.

 For more information on this Free Write Fling.

I Feel: Motivated, Empowered but Hesitant.


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