Free Write Fling, Ocotber 20, 2007

Creative Cave and Energy Conservation

There is a natural ebb and flow in energy that affects where I am on a creative and personal level. There are elements of nature that allow me to flow words on the page. And there are stagnant moments where I am mired down and energy wanes.

I am getting into some more abstract thinking–maybe abstract is not the word. But we are thinking energy here, energy of self, or place, of community.

Over the past week, many people in my communities seemed to be stagnant, low, depressed and stressed. Scattered frantic energy. There were suicides reported in the newspapers. Many worried about their jobs. People were short and snappy. Finding a glow and flow that was conducive to peace was difficult. Some days I pulled the covers over my head–frustrated with my own outlook. And feeling somewhat attacked by others, too.

What to do?

I bought honey and tea.  Visited places with bright colors. I walked on a beach and picked up beach glass. I had soup at the library. I gave massages. I used essential oils. I allowed myself to whole-up at home and feel warm and cocoon safe. I ate fruit and moved plants around the house into new locations, creating new little altars for imaginations to twist and climb.

But even in the warmth of home I felt more like a moth than a butterfly. More like a monster with teeth than one with warm soft fur. I was edgy. I was tired. Scared. Worried. Empty.

I needed to recharge. Replenish. The Creative Spark needed some fuel conservation. And slowly I am learning not do be afraid of my limitations. Awareness of my needs, energetically and where I need to set boundaries are becoming clearer.

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