Free Write Fling, October 28, 2007

Purple Light, Candle Light

I swear every time I hang festive lights. They fall on my head and the tacks won’t hold. The cat gets in the way. The reach is just too far or too high. The furniture is a pain, clunky, bulky, tricky to stand on and too heavy to move. A strand goes out after hanging and down they come for a wire and bulb check. But here it is a couple days before Halloween and I have purple flashing lights. A pumpkin with a strobe light, carved.

And the candles.

After a few choice swear words, I am happy at my progress. Decorating in this home I begin to call “ours’ instead of “yours.” And it does feel like home. Decorating comes easier. Visions on wall color and where furniture ought to go are in my head—but I might now share them all at once ‘cause we are growing.

 And candles.

I begin to light them more often. Scent the room. Warm the air. Heat the moment. Close the door.

Next, I will hang tiny blue lights for Christmas and New Year. I picture us as Blue. Calm. Peace like the calm lakes of our travels. Not icy or tossed, rough or dangerous. More like silence and rest after years of being tossed with the wind.

Blow out the candle. Come here.

We will wake to pink sunrise.

For more information on this Free Write Fling.

3 words on how I feel about this post: Romantic, festive, hopeful.


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