Free Write Fling, October 30, 2007

Lindells, Lake Linden August 2007

I am starting this free-write with a sign. I was sitting on the computer looking at photos I have taken on trips with Mike. Photos I have taken on trips by myself. This summer I took two trips. This was on my way out to Keweenaw Krayons. I meant the trip to refresh me but I was unsettled most of the trip, fighting migraines. Still, some of the best shots of summer camp from that trip. Looking up at this sign at Lindells I almost shifted to another era.

Looking at any photo, that is what we hope for. A shift. We want transportation to the place, the moment, the story. We want some escape of the present ordinary day to a time that was special. It might be  our memory. It might be the view of a photographer we have never met.

Lake Lindenis a lake-shore mining town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I wanted to stay. Spend the night. Get a sandwich. Sit in the sunny park. Talk to an old man sweeping the street. Have a beer at the bar late at night. I will go back, again. For on that day I was passing thru, pushing myself to arrive.

But I passed so many arrivals on that trip. No wonder I had a headache.

November 1st is coming–That day I sub-teach and appear as a featured poet at the Public Poetry Potluck. I am promising myself to slow down, stress less and if I am not as rehearsed as I want to be it is, okay. For I am going to just arrive.

For more information on this Free Write Fling.

3 words on how I feel about this post: more paced, not as rushed, observant.


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