A Question on Photo Printing

Fall Leaves, National Mine, Michigan -- copyright Kim Nixon

I am posing this question to viewers. Where do you print your digital images? I have had a store owner ask to put some of my images on the walls for sale. I am honored. But have no idea where to turn with my digital images. I want to do prints larger than 4×6. My boyfriend recently ordered a dye-sublimation printer from ebay but it only does 4×6. Suggestions? I do not want fading of the images. I would like an online order source. One which will allow me to preview images if possible. Who have you used–good bad and ugly please let me know.


About kimnixon

Upper Peninsula Michigan Artist and Writer

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  1. Sorry, no help on answering your questions. I was just curious where you were from, and where you take most of your pictures.

  2. This photo is taken in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in a very small town called National Mine (near Ishpeming). Most of the photos on the blog are taken in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, USA. I grew up in the Detroit area of Michigan and in Northport (summer residence). I moved to the Upper Peninsula in 1993. I use a small digital camera called a DXG 5.1 megapixel which I bought for under 100.00 U.S. Dollars. It takes awful indoor photos but does just fine out-of-doors. Thanks for asking.

  3. thank you. it’s always fun to learn more about your country and what it has to offer us.

    Michigan…I’ll make sure I stop by there in my travels

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