Tuesday Twelve – Essential Oils

Massage Table in ClassroomEarlier this month I was a substitute teacher for a Health Occupation’s class. The class is held at a local hospital and three high schools attend. These students are considering a career in nursing or another medical career. Their teacher, knowing I am a certified massage therapist, had me develop the lesson for the Friday class. We covered: massage as a career, applications of massage in nursing, essential oils, and instruction on how to give a chair massage to someone confined to a wheel chair.

We did not go through all these essential oils. But my bottles were rotated through the class and we discussed the use of essentials, In the 3 and 4rth hour class I had a young woman come in with nausea (flu symptoms). She rubbed some peppermint oil into her abdomen area in a clockwise pattern and had relief in less than 15 minutes. We also demonstrated the warming qualities of a balancing blend and lavender on someone with menstrual pain.

1. Lavender – Migraines and calming
2. Peppermint – Nausea and headache
3. Tea Tree – Antiseptic and Anti-fungal
4. Wintergreen – Muscle and joint pain*
Frankincense – Anointing, deepens breath
6. Sweet Orange – Awakening and cleansing
7. Rosemary – Circulation and energizing**
Lemongrass – Scar tissue and muscle ache
9.  Cypress – Circulation and muscle spasms
10. Ylang Ylang – Antidepressant and relaxant
11. Ginger – Menstrual pain and lung congestion ***
Eucalyptus – Antibacterial and antiviral

*May raise blood pressure use with caution on clients with High Blood Pressure.
** Use a carrier-oil as may irritate sensitive skin.
*** Use with caution very heating effect use in compresses.

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