What I have learned on a garden bench. . .


What I have learned on a garden bench . . .

As the growing season came to a close, I approached an article for the Marquette Food Co-op with the focus of Harvest and Community. Many young farmers are running Community Supported Agriculture farms (CSAs). We are building a thriving Farmer’s Market here in Marquette, and those without acreage or backyards can be allotted a small plot in the Community Garden. I can sit out on the rocks of Founder’s Landing watching sail boats on Wednesday evenings and count my blessings. This town supports creativity no matter what your pursuit. Yet, on a garden bench, my world becomes more focused on the microcosm.

EggplantIt’s the gardens around me bringing me home, centering. What can I grow? What does well? What new discoveries are right here under my feet?

Purple Eggplant bushes are tall, I observe. Green bell peppers grow neatly in the same plot at the Community Garden. I can take this knowledge home to my own. But the lessons are deeper than compatible plantings. A garden has a certain yield and prosperity, so do we in a community or our own home. And our talents, skills and time must be given carefully.

Perhaps as I age I am learning where best to apply my gifts, a positive attribute for a grandmother I think to myself as I sit on the bench watching gardeners move through the weeds of their small plots.

A goal this year (2007) was to focus on giving back to the communities that have fostered my growth, to pursue my “art” with focus, and spend more time with family. I have moved back to a job path where I can be of service and feel strong at the end of a day. As I sit on the bench reflecting on where I am at home, micro-organisms build soil health, and the seeds I am sowing seem to thrive. What yield and prosperity will follow?  I can sit patiently through winter, blanketed by white, and wait for the movement of seasons to reveal the next cycle.


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