Tuesday 12–Ways to Create Calm in a Classroom

1. Lower lighting–Fluorescent noise is bright and loud.

2. Personalize–Let students know who you are by creating atmosphere by hanging photos, trips, hobbies somewhere in room.

3. Don’t make a room too busy–Many students need less stimuli and thematic color and less clutter equal more zen.

4. Create a quiet reading area with carpet, comfy seating and a variety of books on a shelf.

5. Create a separate area for make-up tests in a far corner of room, screening from distractions.

6. Let students know what is needed as they enter room by posting on door or hallway wall before entering.

7. Have a lending system for pencils to avoid the constant interruptions for writing utensils.

8. Stretch–Have students take deep breaths and stretch part way through class, especially in blocked classes that are longer than an hour.

9. Vary activity–Do not leave students at same task too long. Look to age appropriate attention spans.

10. Who cannot stay seated?–Let this student have tasks out of their desk chair at intervals throughout the period or day.

11. Offer Choices– We all work better with choice, but to avoid argument make sure a democratic vote is offered.

12. Post classroom rules and have class meetings each week.

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