Former Evolutions from 2007

Kim’s Evolutions for 2007…

Focus on three communities: home and family, Marquette Food Co-op and Inspired Times. These are the communities I have been a part of and should be more involved in growing.

How I did? Inspired Times came to a close but a launch of Health and Happiness had me writing a new column. I joined the education and outreach committee at the co-op. Family concerns, still—want more time with family.

Tai Chi, Yoga, movement, meditation or prayer everyday. These are the activities that bring me to center and bring about health and well-being make them your spiritual practice as well.

How I did? Not so good—perhaps even my worse year. I did Tai Chi on hikes and walks only. Some stretching but not daily. I did not pray or meditate.

Pay down student loans and save 1000.00 for the year. Fiscal responsibility brings room for abundant thinking and positive forward motion toward dreams.

How I did? I saved over 1000.00 and have started paying the min. on my student loans.

Bodywork and energy-work each month and if possible/needed weekly. Never let your body back slide toward pain and immobility.

How I did? Not so good. But I have renewed my commitment and scheduled a massage in Dec. and January. Job adjustments made this a challenge.

Be aware of peace and help spread it within your communities.

How I did? With the writing of my column and development of my blog I made progress toward this goal. I want to look at this focus again in the New Year.

Give time to your chosen communities and share your gifts.

How I did? I joined the Education and Outreach Committee at the Marquette Food Co-op. I wrote content for the Co-op Newsletter, volunteered in the store and community.

Lose 24-30 lbs. Bring up blood serum level of iron. Motion is needed everyday. Eat well.

How I did? I maintained my weight and did not lose. I eat and apple now everyday. I am still anemic.

Remember openings, anything is possible and you have skills that you are yet unaware of so try new things. Publish in new markets. Attend a writer’s event or training.

How I did? I read at poetry readings and even was feature poet. I submitted poems. I was published in two new markets. I started a blog. I developed an new artistic medium, photography and have had photos published in 2007.

Along with paying down student loans and saving 1000.00 this year find a way for your savings to make good growth. And develop a talent into a side job that brings in income in excess of 500.00.

How I did? Good. But the new talent into income has not yet happened. But I am placing my first photos in stores.

Tell those around you why they are appreciated and loved, often. Sing and garden. Take photos and design useful sites on the internet that spread peace.

How I did? Good. My loved ones know they are cherished. I sing and garden. I take photos often. My sites on the Internet need a more developed focus.


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