Kim’s Evolutions for 2008…

Start more family rituals and hold gatherings. Making ornaments before the Holidays. Invite people over for a monthly meal. Invite family to join us at Hiawatha. Call my children more often. Send them surprise cards and letters. Go visit my father.

Get back to my center of balance so I do not feel cynical about my place in this world. Read or watch inspirational works. Remember that doors open everywhere and often where we least expect them to. Do a monthly abundant act, like “Paying it Forward.”

Save 1000 dollars again this year! Keep paying at least minimum on student loans and use second job to pay down credit cards. Invest in your own talents and keep developing one that will reward you both spiritually and financially.

Find a spiritual community for fellowship. Make prayer a part of everyday life. Get back to a daily Yoga practice. Keep doing Tai Chi on riverbanks, lakeshores, and near waterfalls.

Share your talents with others. Keep volunteering with the Marquette Food Co-op. Look for an organization that gives back to the community, even if it is only seasonal and take part.

Lose weight! Starting with the first 10 percent. Weight Watchers. Swim. Personal Trainer. Self-pay your dental insurance. Visit chiropractor and massage therapist monthly.

Make a decision on future. Sub-teaching is wonderful as is working respite. But look toward the future too. How can your creative talents take you into your future? By summer, have workshops in place.

Connect with nature. Last year you took two trips on your own—do this again. The solitude taught much about how you think and react. This balance can continue, as you know yourself so peace will come.


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Upper Peninsula Michigan Artist and Writer

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