Eben Ice Caves, Photo 114

Eben Ice Caves, Photo 114, copyright Kim Nixon

Directions to the Eben Ice Caves from Marquette can be found here.


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  1. Those ice caves are really beautiful!

  2. We are looking at coming up and doing this early next year. Do you think it is doable with all the kids and w/o snowshoes?

  3. Yes! It is…snowshoes are really not necessary unless there has been a fresh fresh snow. The traffic to the ice caves usually has the trail nicely based. BTW snowshoes can be rented for the day at teh NMU P.I.E.F. building and I don’t think you have to be a student.

  4. Sorry that is PEIF Building…

  5. I have never snow-shoed and I really want to take it up. Thanks for the tip!!

  6. Snowshoes aren’t always needed, though grippers for the boots are highly recommended. FYI- Snowshoes can be rented at the MooseWood Nature Center on Presque Isle Park for great rate. They are currently only opened on weekends.

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