Free Write Fling, February 9, 2008

Shopping Therapy in February-Beating Back the Deep Winter Blues

  • Baby crawls to grandma as she taps on the plastic case to her new iPod shuffle.
  • And the soy candle packaging said, “Fuel your emotional centers with this brisk blend of two uplifting ingredients. When ginger’s spirit-raising properties meet saffron’s confidence-building abilities, the result is a fragrance revelation.”
  • 3 Luna Blueberry Sunrise bars.
  • The Bob Greene, The Best Life Diet and Daily Journal.
  • The February issue of Yoga Journal-Get Stronger, Build Your Practice at Home.
  • A big baggy tote of light blue for toting things to and from the gym.
  • Sheryl Crow’s new album release, “Detours” downloaded off the iPod store.
  • Grandma dances wrapped in a retro-pink brocade shawl while framing her photos.

All these bullet points are moving me forward to next week:

  • The photos I have framed are going to be shown to store owners this upcoming week.
  • I got my grandson fix and that brings warmth to my heart. 
  • I have a play list set for the gym.
  • I have cleared up my office floor so I can do yoga stretches and meditate.
  • The candle a focal point and way to warm the atmosphere during my morning free writes.
  • I am refocusing my commitment to do two writes a day morning and nite.
  • I can lose weight and relax.

So far, this month I have only been doing the evening 15 minutes. I know from experience that morning writes spur creativity and often bless you with unexpected surprises.

How do I feel about this free write?

Redirected. Re-energized. I have taken stock of my past week.


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