Free Write Fling, February 6, 2008

Shopping Show Gift Certificate Haircut Promises Hope

Arrive home at 5:00 p.m. and quickly color hair to get rid of gray that I have yet again let grow in too far before taking action. A quick fluff with the blow dryer and I head to Embrace, a new spa on Washington Street, in Marquette, for a cut and style.

I am trying to be budget conscious and bought a shopping show certificate that gives me a 20.00 plus haircut for 15.00. The local radio station offers advertising for small businesses and in turn sells discounted certificates. I have shopped for Christmas presents this way. I have also picked up certificates to save us money on favorite restaurants. Abundance for us all-the radio station, small business and for my purchases. My buck has more power when I shop at local businesses and stay out of the larger chain stores.

The spa/salon is new, clean, warm, and on an Upper Peninsula evening inviting. The wood around the larger mirrors looks dark and tropical. They are busy but the place is not loud. I say “Hi” to someone sitting in a chair, looking at the back of her hair with a hand mirror and smiling. She, too is a young grandma like me-but having over 7 kids of her own (I lost track) she already has a caboodle of grandbabies.

My appointment is with Jessica. And she does a great job! My hair is neat, trim, stylish and light. Instantly I have more hope. My confidence level goes up. I think I can do anything. I can even lose weight. The elation lasts for how long– That is the question isn’t it.

I walk into the house, and Mike is home from work. He smiles and tells me he likes my hair and I want to be alone with him and share some energy-but our day is not done. There are chores, dinner, and getting ready for work. I sit here typing my free write, still grasping at what this day has meant to me.

How do I feel about this free write?

Maybe this winter isn’t too bad. Lighter. Brighter.


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