Free Write Fling, February 12, 2008

Creative Leap Story Board

Today I needed the mindlessness of clipping images and words from old magazines. It was perfect to curl up on the couch with a stack of magazines and let my mind be attracted to other people’s inspirations and words.I have been feeling overwhelmed with the decisions before me and putting my self out in the world in new ways. I want to clarify and refine. I want to take back some decisions and start over.

What came to mind while I was clipping away was Cynthia Morris’ suggestion of making our “Creative Leaps” visual. She suggests, playing with mind maps, timelines or collages.

I began envisioning a poster board hinged into sections, each section representing a chapter of what I want to accomplish in the coming year. Colors and textures began to draw me and I saw these chapters becoming almost 3-dimensional, a structure or sculpture of found objects and paper that could zig-zag across the mantle or worktable.

Now that my clippings had direction, I saw myself choosing words and phrases that were goals and areas of my life that needed attention. It was magical. I came across the Smithsonian issue with Hemingway in Cuba. I thought of the adventure of his life–fishing off the shore of Cuba–connecting with the locals-and how I wanted my passport even if I could not afford to travel this year and my feeling that having a passport means opportunities will arise.

The colors of my “Leap” took on tropical accents, orange and turquoise. I thought of beach sand and pebbles. I felt my heart warm and my smile widen.

This weekend I have time to work on my project. I cleared the space for creation to take place.

How I feel about this free write:

Happy. Eager. Inspired.

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Upper Peninsula Michigan Artist and Writer

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