Free Write Fling–Come on Baby Express Yourself

Come on Baby Express Yourself! Think of singing that phrase to the tune, Come on Baby and Rescue Me.

Today I woke with no voice. Calling in sick as a substitute teacher is always a difficult thing. Calling in when your voice squeaks, cracks, and is not even a hoarse whisper at 7 a.m. (when you need to be teaching at 7:45) is not good and I thank the school secretary ’cause I know the awkward search she had to pursue to find someone else on such short notice. I have a doctor appointment today at 10:15.

I am going to dedicate this day to expression without voice.

Nurture–I made breakfast for Mike. Our lunches are black bean, mango, chicken salad on Ryekrisp w/grapes. Dinner maybe baked chicken breast w/baked sweet potatoes but will depend on my trip to the Marquette Food Co-op.

Nature–water the plants, trim back old leaves, mist. Play with arrangements of driftwood and stone. Listen to nature sounds and transfer some to ipod.

Care and Pamper— Massage my feet with essential oils. Massage Mike’s feet with essential oils. Light candles. Pet the animals.

Replenish— Fruit, tea, nuts, whole foods, typing paper, and do so without using voice. Take index cards to write and converse with store clerks.

I am going to think tea and honey, warm liquids. Place a bit of tea tree in each ear to flush lymphatic system. Work on circulation and rest, too. I want music, birds twittering and sun shining and singing. I can be quiet. But I want Expression!

Come on Baby and Express Yourself! Come on and sing to me! 

How do I feel about this Free Write:

Communicative through written word. Spoken, but Heard? Recovering.

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  1. So I have returned from the doctor’s office–and sure enough I have laryngitis, an inflammation of your voice box (larynx) due to overuse, irritation or infection. And in my case it is most likely due to a virus and overuse. I have been ordered voice-rest for the rest of the week.

    This caused more awkwardness as I went to the high school (rather than call) to let them know I cannot teach tomorrow. They are already short subs to begin with–but I had letter from my doctor and have to hope this won’t prevent future bookings at the schools where I normally teach.

    I went to the office supply store and have a filing project to keep me busy–as if I did not have enough to do already–and I went to the co-op. Both places I responded with written words. Those who know me well–know how hard it is for me to be quiet! I am a talker.

  2. My voice returns very slowly. I test it every few hours then clam back up. During the day time hours it is easy almost welcoming to be silent. When Mike is home I want to talk. I give lots of hugs and write on index cards but I want to talk sooo bad.

    Friday I was at my sick-est? (if that is a word)

    I continue the whole expression via nurturing adventure.

    And my creative endevaor has my office/studio a real mess which has pulled me once again off the couch and back into activity.

    I hope to have enough voice tomorrow and be well enough for my “respite” shift. All this time off work and access to enay are not a good combo ;-)

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