192.4 and Dropping

Kim is hiking but not in a skirt...The last time my weight dropped below 190 was when I first met Mike (2004). His son and I would hike daily and often times I was barefoot in a skirt. I was happy and I smiled most days. Today I stepped on the scale and for the third time in a week the scale reported 192.4 and I found myself surfing the Net for fun skirts to hike in.

Some people have inquired as to how I am losing weight. In January, I was inspired to pick-up a The Best Life Diet  book and journal put out by Bob Greene. It took a while for me to pick-up the book and start reading, and the preface is by Oprah. It was like I had an epiphany, Oprah is a beautiful women who is successful and helps foster positive change in people’s lives. That is what I want for myself (and for others)–but my weight holds me back. I want to lead nature journal hikes–but stop myself by thinking who wants to be lead down a trail by someone who is 200 lbs. So much more but my confidence wains behind many excess pounds. I am on the trail to lighter more positive consciousness, now.

The approach is to start drinking enough water, 48 ounces or more, and to cut-off eating 2-hours before bedtime. Easy enough and so I began. I am now in Phase Two which has me upping my exercise and starting to eliminate certain foods. I am using some portion control, now. But really the journal is what works for me. I am a natural journal-keeper and having to be accountable with words and chronicling holds me accountable and I can track my progress.

One thing I do that Bob Greene says not to, is I step on my digital scale everyday. This helps me stay on track. My goal is to lose 30 lbs this year and keep it off.

Michael the Younger stopped by today to use the workshop and stated he notices that most days I am smiling. He believes that is what is working–energetics. He could be right. But I believe it has to do with the scale headed in the right direction.

September on the Dead RiverI searched the web for fun hiking skirts and came across the Wild Woman Primer written by Kiva Rose who recommends, “a lightweight, durable, nearly ankle length skirt. Not only are they pretty, but they can be easily hiked up to your thighs for river crossings, kept close to your legs for bug protection and can be worn wet in case you get so hot you can’t stand it. ”

The summer I spent hiking was in a hippie skirt, easily hiked up for crossing creeks and rivers, allowing for legs to stretch while climbing off trail, not quite hitting the ground and it certainly did keep bugs away–not a tick the whole season which may have just been good luck.

I also had a travel khaki skirt that I loved, so light weight it dried out ultra-fast. I stumbled across the Macabi skirt today online and it seems to be everything I want, accept for the price tag. But I just have to get me one of these skirts. For a review visit Backpack Gear Test.

I have started Week 6 of my weight loss adventure and my confidence is gaining, my smiles are noticed by family members. I have made it through a bout with laryngitis, a funeral, and other stresses. And while spring may be right around the corner in your neck of the woods I have a while before the snow melts and run off slows. We have to make it through muck season here in the Upper Peninsula. But I am dreaming of the sound of my feet on wooded trails. I am dreaming of my Keen sandals and hippie skirts. I am thinking of sunning myself on hot granite summits as the day tips toward evening. Let me know about your travels on trails and your weight loss dreams.


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  1. Good luck with your goal! I am also trying to lose 30 lbs. i love to hike, but my passion is riding my mountain bike. The plan is to go riding and take photos along the way. Now if i could only get the weather to cooperate :)


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