190.0 and Dropping

Kim at Hanging, photo by Beth MillnerOn March 17th I posted that I was at 192 point something and dropping and I have lost another 2+ pounds in the last month. Not bad considering I spent the latter part of March fighting off the flu, an ear and sinus infection, and the side-effects from my antibiotics. I was not exercising, unless you count being so sick a walk across the room caused a sweat and raise in heart rate ;-)

I have postponed my 80’s Party, an event where salad is the main course and the only course. Dressing up like you were from the 80’s was optional. I originally had the event planned for April 20th and it is now set for the day before Mother’s Day. I am hoping the gardens will be lovely and we can have our meal outdoors.

Kim and Mike at Hanging, Photo by Beth MillnerToday I stocked up on romaine lettuce, raw spinach, carrots, cukes, chickpeas, hummus,  tomatoes, red grapes, pink lady apples. And I made a brown rice curried salad withcurrants, green onions, toasted almonds, pepper, and red grapes. The light dressing is made with honey, lemon juice and olive oil. I pre-measured out portions and I ‘m packing my dinner for work with additional fruit and low-fat cheese…yummy. All this produce and my rice salad make me long for all this snow to melt–fast!

I am checking in with my doctor on Wednesday and hope to be back on an exercise routine by the end of the week. Instead of losing 2 pounds in one month I am going to shoot for 4-6 lbs.

Kim Standing on Chair, Photo by Beth MillnerI am highly uncomfortable with photos taken of me at the hanging of my photo exhibit–I look pregnant. I carry most of my weight in front of me. But I could tell that the last 10+ pounds of weight loss show mostly in my face.

I must be crazy posting these photos, but I guess I want success. I want to look at these photos a year from now and feel like those contestants on the “Biggest Loser” and know I did it. That I had the power to change myself, my habits, and my lifestyle. Even if I only lose two pounds a month that will be another 16 lbs by the end of the year. The goal of losing 30 lbs and keeping it off is on my 10 year plan.

The photos were taken by Beth Millner. This last photo I am standing on a chair taking a down-shot at everyone. Beth kindly reminded me that my posture on the chair has me leaning back and is accentuating my middle.

Anyone for a walk around the neighborhood–we can bring our cameras.


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