An Artist and Her Day Job (and Night Job)

Kim on a Hike, Photo by MikeAs an artist and writer, I have a day job. Creating is a challenge. But you can still create, exhibit, freelance, and promote on a schedule that often seems inhuman. This is a sampling of two weeks from my planner, ending on Memorial Day. I will share more on this when not so tired (sigh).

  • Monday–Sub 4rth grade 1/2 day morn. and respite shift 5:45-9pm
  • Tuesday–sub high school health and antatomy (full day)
  • Wednesday–sub high school spanish and world cultures (full day) and meet with TV6 for interview at exhibit and Respite shift 5:45-9pm
  • Thursday–sub PPI-preschool (full day) and hiked a mile or so taking photos
  • Friday–sub PPI-preschool (full day)
  • Saturday–8:30am to 2:00pm Respite
  • Sunday–8:30 to 2:30pm Respite
  • Monday–8:00-12:00 sub 2nd grade (1/2 day) Traded this shift to a co-worker :-) Respite 5:45-9:00pm
  • Tuesday— sub at two schools in same city–one in morning and one in afternoon
  • Wednesday–sub all day middle school 7:45-2:45 and Respite 5:45-9:00pm
  • Thursday–sub all day in TMI 7:45-2:45
  • Friday–off
  • Saturday–off
  • Sunday–off
  • Mondayupdate: Family says take the day off–former shift Respite 5:45-9pm

About kimnixon

Upper Peninsula Michigan Artist and Writer

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  1. I understand why you’re so tired!
    I also understand that, as the school year comes to a close, it’s important to take all those last jobs, “make hay while the sun shines,” I guess.
    what will your summer schedule be like?
    doing any other shows?
    I’ve had to cut back to just one, it’s just so expensive!
    take care,

  2. Exactly! I feel how on earth can I trade away work or turn away work when I am faced with the uncertainity of June, July and August. I am not sure what my summer schedule will look like ,yet.

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