Creative Tips for Migraine Self Care

Creative Tips for Migraine Self Care

1. Lavender essential oil rubbed into scalp and areas of high tension.

2. Lower the lights or try natural lighting in offices and classrooms.

3. When working in front of a computer take frequent eye breaks by looking away and refocusing frequently.

4. Breath deep, preferably fresh outside air.

5. Hydrate!

6. Hot packs placed on my forehead, crown, and r. temple work for me (some report cold works best).

7. Self massage with calming essential oils: lavender, peppermint, Young Living’s peace and calming.

8. Prayer.

9. Do not deprive yourself from preventative measures-massages are not a luxury!

10. Create! What are you holding back? When I made a deal with my body that as soon as I feel a migraine coming on I would allow for creative expression the frequency and urgency of migraines diminished.

Bee Balm, In My Own Backyard, photo by Kim Nixon


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Upper Peninsula Michigan Artist and Writer

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