Creative Tips for Prevention of Migraines

Creative Tips for Prevention of Migraines

1. Massage Therapy

2. BodyTalk

3. Chiropractic

4. B vitamins and Cal./Mag. supplements

5. Relaxation

6. Stretches

7. Exercise

8. Keep a food diary and watch for triggers

9. Deep breathing exercises

10. Yoga

Recognizing that many people locate my blog by searching out migraine information I thought it useful to make a couple of lists. By all means feel free to comment on your migraine expereinces. Let me know what you are experiencing and how you’re coping. I have had migraines since my early teen years. I am now 44, and have had a resurgence of sorts.

My Migraine Triggers: Lack of fresh air; cigarette smoke; Mildew/Mold; Hormones; quick barometer shifts usually before an approaching storm; strong fumes like at a gas station or in a garage.

Our Swing, In My Own Backyard, photo by Kim Nixon


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