Copper Country–Heading Out

Jacob Falls, Copper Country, Michigan, Photo Copyright Kim Nixon

Jacob Falls, Copper Country, Michigan

Tomorrow I will be away. I am already dreaming of what the monks bake at the Jam Pot in the Copper Country. In 2006, Mike and I headed to the wilds of the Copper Country and took photos while discovering waterfalls. It was autumn and the hills in full color. I was still using Fuji disposable cameras and Mike was using a DXG 3.1. We look at the quality of our shots and shake our heads. It will be good to see what our new cameras can capture. I was standing back at the car when I took this photo. I had snuck a bite of a rum raisin fudge brownie and the moment became an inspiration for my column. I was struck speechless by that brownie baked by the monks and I considered the moment holy  but with a lower case “h”–it wasn’t high holiness like a visitation from the Mother Mary–but it was certainly blessed.

I am hoping that this trip, Thursday-Sunday will also yield holy moments, that I can come home and sing praises, sharing the experience(s) with you.


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