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Let’s Tell a Dramatic Story

Give Mommie some love...

Give Mommie some love...


Not now Mommie...

Not now mommie...





Gotta text my peeps...

Gotta text my peeps...


Not now Mom I gotta take this...

Not now Mom I gotta take this...

Thanks for hangin' Mommie...

Thanks for hangin' Mommie...


Flash Forward Pond in Sepia

Flash Forward Pond in Sepia, photo by Kim Nixon

Here is a flash forward–a look at a winter pond without ice–I was playing with sepia–but the pond was too bright–so in photoshop I toned it down–the result takes away a lot of the sepia but enhances the contrast and detail–even though the whole image has a washed out faded antiqueeky quality that I am lovin’ today–then I curved it more to even the shading a bit. The result I call Flash Forward Pond in Sepia–a  very late autumn look for a photo taken in August here in Marquette, Michigan.

Migraine Day II

Spikey Pineapple in Sun on Table, photo by Kim Nixon

Sunday night I felt tremendous pressure around my head in a band and pressure behind my ears. I kept catching the whiff of burnt things periodically throughout the day. My TMJ point was sore as was the musculature of my face. I again for those of you who search out this site while researching migraines–please drop a note on the blog. I share this to help build a community of creatives who find hope and healing thru art.

Monday I had a migraine and by 1pm I had taken an Imitrex and it did nothing for my right ocular migraine with ear pressure. By 3pm I took a second Imitrex and it did something. That dose allowed me to work the next two hours before the headache returned full force. I used lavender oil and scalp massage. I lowered lights. I lowered volumes on TV and Radio. My shift was 3-9pm. I drove home at 9pm on wet dark reflective roads that drove me nutz. God got me home. It was not my driving alone.

I went to sleep in pain with heat on my head it is a shoulder kozi and I love it. I can wrap my head or ball it up hard and push it into my skull at points that give me some relief. The pain was so bad I could not sleep. The headache lasted through the night. I have it still. The weakness is also present. I feel warm and chilled alternately. For those of you wondering why I do not do more–I have no insurance. the two Imitrex I had were free samples, the last my doctor had.

I promised myself that if I have a migraine it is a push to create. This allows for a release of energies that I have pent up in my mind. I am slowly today creating a couple things. I am throwing out things and creating space both physical and mental. I am transferring photo captures from my Canon S5 to the puter.

This is day three of clouds. It is raining hard right now. I am so cold. I bet I will chose warm photos to show you today.

Questions today are:

Will the stock market continue down?

Will my migraine go away?

Will I find a way to make money with my art?

How can I afford a printer?

Can a simple blog post create hope with a country in crisis? Submission–Relationships

copyright Kim Nixon

This digital capture speaks to me of the relationship an audience has with the musician(s). In this relationship I was sitting a couple feet away listening to a workshop at Hiawatha Music Festival (Marquette Michigan 2008). Under the tent at Second Stage, the musicians are Seth Benard and Mike Waite.

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Amphibian Nature

photo copyright Kim Nixon


photo copyright Kim Nixon


photo copyright Kim Nixon


photo copyright Kim Nixon

I lost Mike and looked around and he had gone down the backside of the stone rise. A small tidal pool held several frogs. I was taken in by the frogs and spent time low to the ground eye to eye waiting for the sun to turn them metallic and glittery. I loved these frogs. So much stone and sand and here, green, green, green. I was alive with their color. Another gift Mike had given to me without knowing. I took almost 70 photos of these frogs. As I shot, I practiced stillness as not to frighten them from their serious job of sunning themselves.

My Heart Is A Bright Sun

My Heart Is A Bright Bright Sun, Photo by Kim Nixon

This photo was from a bouquet of flowers that Aza had at her food vendor booth at Hiawatha. There is an element of grace I am attracted to–a vendor that takes time to make a busy weekend theirs by having flowers. Not plastic flowers, but locally grown and beautiful.

Mike and I were in the Porcupine Mountains last fall and we ate at a terrible little restaurant that was decorated with faded plastic flowers and I spoke of how plastic flowers to do not suggest, “Abundance.”

These live vibrant flowers at Aza’s booth spoke of balance, wisdom, abundance, centeredness, love, love, love, and peace. Here at Blues Fest in the middle of Mattsson Lower Harbor (Marquette, MI) on a weekend of excess some of us will pause and reflect and seek the serenity and beauty around us. Others were sure to drink beer in the hot son until they dropped. We are all in different spaces, in differing realities.

Lately, I have been focusing on my heart. I have been chanting and praying. It becomes difficult at times to voice what I am experiencing and I find it best to be silent. Other times I rage and make my chaos heard.

My heart is a bright bright sun and that might mean I am on fire, incensed, a burst of color and wild. Or it could be a candle, soft, hushed, and opening. Extremes. I am watching this. I am pausing to reflect.

Marquette–Mattsson Lower Harbor at Sunset

copyright Kim Nixon

Labor Day weekend Mike and I attended The Fifth Annual Blues Fest and in between acts we walked out of the concert area to visit the car for supplies. I was drawn to how the light was shining thru the pocket ore dock. Then as I began to compose the photo in my mind I was drawn to the varying lines. The mans arms, the bench, the pillars of the dock, the lines in the water. the light was “Magic Light.”

copyright Kim Nixon

Publication Announcement–All Things Girl

All Things Girl is an online publication started in 2001. Their mission is “to allow women a place to showcase their stuff – their artwork, photography, poetry, prose, articles on health, reviews, thoughts on business, creative endeavours.”

I submitted work for their Harvest Issue, Sept/Oct. 2008 and the photo Harvest of Tomatoes was accepted! The photo was taken on a dark day in Marquette, Michigan at the Commons where a Farmer’s Market thrives. The Tomatoes pictured are from Seeds and Spores a community supported agriculture farm in Marquette County.

I found the All Things Girl website thru a fellow blogger Trina at Gallery 32. Trina’s work is exceptional and I love how she paints photos. Be sure to check out her site in your travels.

Please, also take the time to visit and browse thru All Things Girl,  a high quality thoughtful supportive site that is worth your time and energy.

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