My Heart Is A Bright Sun

My Heart Is A Bright Bright Sun, Photo by Kim Nixon

This photo was from a bouquet of flowers that Aza had at her food vendor booth at Hiawatha. There is an element of grace I am attracted to–a vendor that takes time to make a busy weekend theirs by having flowers. Not plastic flowers, but locally grown and beautiful.

Mike and I were in the Porcupine Mountains last fall and we ate at a terrible little restaurant that was decorated with faded plastic flowers and I spoke of how plastic flowers to do not suggest, “Abundance.”

These live vibrant flowers at Aza’s booth spoke of balance, wisdom, abundance, centeredness, love, love, love, and peace. Here at Blues Fest in the middle of Mattsson Lower Harbor (Marquette, MI) on a weekend of excess some of us will pause and reflect and seek the serenity and beauty around us. Others were sure to drink beer in the hot son until they dropped. We are all in different spaces, in differing realities.

Lately, I have been focusing on my heart. I have been chanting and praying. It becomes difficult at times to voice what I am experiencing and I find it best to be silent. Other times I rage and make my chaos heard.

My heart is a bright bright sun and that might mean I am on fire, incensed, a burst of color and wild. Or it could be a candle, soft, hushed, and opening. Extremes. I am watching this. I am pausing to reflect.


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