Migraine Day II

Spikey Pineapple in Sun on Table, photo by Kim Nixon

Sunday night I felt tremendous pressure around my head in a band and pressure behind my ears. I kept catching the whiff of burnt things periodically throughout the day. My TMJ point was sore as was the musculature of my face. I again for those of you who search out this site while researching migraines–please drop a note on the blog. I share this to help build a community of creatives who find hope and healing thru art.

Monday I had a migraine and by 1pm I had taken an Imitrex and it did nothing for my right ocular migraine with ear pressure. By 3pm I took a second Imitrex and it did something. That dose allowed me to work the next two hours before the headache returned full force. I used lavender oil and scalp massage. I lowered lights. I lowered volumes on TV and Radio. My shift was 3-9pm. I drove home at 9pm on wet dark reflective roads that drove me nutz. God got me home. It was not my driving alone.

I went to sleep in pain with heat on my head it is a shoulder kozi and I love it. I can wrap my head or ball it up hard and push it into my skull at points that give me some relief. The pain was so bad I could not sleep. The headache lasted through the night. I have it still. The weakness is also present. I feel warm and chilled alternately. For those of you wondering why I do not do more–I have no insurance. the two Imitrex I had were free samples, the last my doctor had.

I promised myself that if I have a migraine it is a push to create. This allows for a release of energies that I have pent up in my mind. I am slowly today creating a couple things. I am throwing out things and creating space both physical and mental. I am transferring photo captures from my Canon S5 to the puter.

This is day three of clouds. It is raining hard right now. I am so cold. I bet I will chose warm photos to show you today.

Questions today are:

Will the stock market continue down?

Will my migraine go away?

Will I find a way to make money with my art?

How can I afford a printer?

Can a simple blog post create hope with a country in crisis?


About kimnixon

Upper Peninsula Michigan Artist and Writer

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  1. Hi there! I found your blog while I was searching for Upper Peninsula pictures. I also suffer from migraines (infrequent) and TMJ! I added your blog to my Google Reader so that I could keep up with your awesome photos!


  2. Thanks for adding me Cindi! Any places in the Upper Peninsula you want to see? I might have some photos to share. Here I go taking requests (giggle).

  3. You know, I’m so excited. We went up to the U.P for the first time ever in August (after living in MI for 11 years). Now, I feel addicted to it! I keep having wishes and yearnings to go back especially to Presque Isle Park and also Hunter’s Park in Copper Harbor. I love rocks especially when they come in contact with bodies of water. We have so much to learn about the Upper Peninsula, where would be good to visit, what would be good to see. When I lived in the West, I used to love to hike, but haven’t done much of it here because I enjoy challenging hiking. I have just learned that there are many challenging hikes up there. I’m hoping to do some of that this summer, if I can find someone to go with! We are about to sign a contract to rent a house in Munising for the whole summer! I’m going to spend the whole winter learning and also deciding what we will see.

    Here’s a link to some of the photos that I took while visiting the above mentioned parks (though I’m not a photographer, be warned). They are on a separate blog than my personal one (which is mostly just the goings on of me and my family):


    If you have any other pictures with rocks and water, I’d love to see them. Plus, I’m just looking forward to following your blog. It looks great!

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