Mike Walks on Water

photo copyright Kim NixonThis shot was a favorite from our August trip to Copper Harbor. But like many great shots it was taken in bad light at the end of a long day. I wanted more light but I wanted this image, too. I once had a young man say to me if you use Photoshop you are not a good photographer. A good photographer, he said, waits for the shot. I am not a photographer that puts my life on hold. I am not a tripod carrying photographer. I do not have an assistant to carry my bags. I am a trail seeker, hiker, who takes photos. There may come a time when I research a shot and plan, and bring that tripod–but for now I take shots on the fly. Here are before and after shots. Let me know what you think of the corrections. (curved, brightness/contrast, hue, and midtone and shadow color tweeks).

Mike Walks on Water, photo copyright Kim Nixon


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Upper Peninsula Michigan Artist and Writer

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  1. I love to take photos with water where you can see the person’s image in the water. Excellent! I, for one, am glad you took the shot and doctored it up.

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