What is yet to be built…

Copper Elbows in Grit, photo copyright Kim Nixon

“Be Mindful of where you put your attention. The shape of your life will follow.” (source: Body + Soul, May 2008, Terri Trespicio)

My photo is full of copper elbows and tees laying in the floor grit of a cabin ( or as we call cottages in the Upper Peninsula, camp) under reconstruction. The image drew me, and as I sat in my home studio studying the image I knew why. The drawers behind me and piles around me are full of supplies that go unused. I had intended to use the supplies, one day, to launch into a new adventure, a new career path, a creative way to support myself. But even though I had put my attention to gathering the supplies I had not put the next steps into play. I had yet to set clear intentions.

I love the book, “Write it Down, Make it Happen” by Henriette Anne Klauser. The book guides you thru setting your intentions giving real life examples of people who attracted exciting change. And where I consider the book a must read, I had followed the book and still stalled.

It comes down to the grit. The facing of your one true self and trusting your intentions and moving forward through that grit, or doubt. Take a step each day, no matter how small and just do it.  Even if you are walking around in a dust cloud, that first step of the day will lead to the next.

What one simple action can you take today? Is it calling a friend, networking online, playing with your paints, designing your business card, maybe even baking that pumpkin bread and sharing it with a neighbor. Let me know what action you took by making a comment below. Give your dreams motion.


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Upper Peninsula Michigan Artist and Writer

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  1. i really love your pictures. I like the man at work theme.

    i wrote a poem yesterday. It doesn’t feel like I am working towards a goal. It feels like I am playing grown up. Once my goal was to have a good life, have fun, and create(never grow up). Well, i’ve done that and still am. Must money be attached to art? Am I still an artist is no one sees my work? If I sold a poem to a stranger would that make stop questioning myself?

    Today i plan to walk with a friend.

  2. I came across this quote today, Annie.

    “The world is never the same once a good poem has been added to it.”

    -Dylan Thomas (1914-1953)

    I, too, believe not growing up is an important part of my art–in fact without play there is nothing. No urges to create and play in the mud, ya know.

    Yes you are an artist if no one sees your art. You are still living your authentic life. You are expression that which is you.

    For me, the question does money have to be a part of art. Is, I cannot possibly keep working 40 hour a week jobs that are not tied to my art. I want to run my life my way. So the act of tying money or abundance to art can become my way out of the day job.

    Besides, Poetry doesn’t pay ;-) I have written 1000s of poems and been paid for one and that was an award not a paycheck. And ya know what I did with it :-) I bought a silly ring in Savannah Georigia. Fun.

    BTW I am glad you like my photos. This new artform surprises me. I like what I am seeing. I play with it. I have never taken a class. Never studied. Does that mean I am not a serious photographer?? (sigh)

  3. There a group of poets who are doing shows all over this country and they are making money…. the won the google award last year, 100,000 bucks….

    I think that studying inside a school is not important.

    You are studying the art of photography with every photo you snap.

    There has to a way to be creative and make money especially with photos

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