Come sit a little closer. . .

Sit a Little Closer, photo by Kim Nixon (sepia tweaked)

Perhaps we are too young to start thinking of the days when we sit and rock side-by-side. Is mid-40 too young for thoughts of when we get older. Mike and I dreamt of a swing hanging from an arbor where we could sit, rock, and look over the gardens and perhaps our grandchildren. Where we could watch humming birds, and doves bathing in the waterfall that trickles into the pond.

I am always trying to get him to sit closer. I love him more everyday and I cannot get enough of his warmth. Often I feel like a too distant pumpkin in the patch trying to figure out how to roll my way over to where he stands.

The grapevines are growing on the arbor now. The grass garden was wild, but a bit too dry this summer and blackberries are starting to take in the garden soil. This fall there are purple asters and bronze mums, lemon thyme going dormant, and tomatoes rotting on the soil.

I think one of the reasons I can never get close to my man on the swing is he is almost always in motion. Tinkering. Puttering. Wait. Those descriptors are too old. I mean after all we are mid-40s not in our 60s. So, I suppose he is constructing, building, creating. I’ll let him putter in 20 years (wink). For now I will watch his fine body profile in the days fading light, the magic light, before the sunsets, and hope he will come sit close and hold my hand.


About kimnixon

Upper Peninsula Michigan Artist and Writer

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