PhotoFriday–Buddha with Snow

Buddha with Snow, photo by Kim Nixon

The sun was not quite up when I took this shot of Buddha in the garden. He has snow on his bald head and on his belly, but he seems to be maintaining his positive outlook on life. I promised that on my first day off, Saturday, I would rescue him from the coming winter and place him in the studio where he can help me create.

I am not prepared for snow. Our snow shovels are broken. We did not dig up the Dahlia tubers in time. I still have tomatoes on the vine but they have been hard-frosted and only the strong still cling to the vine. It is typical to have snow before Halloween here in the the Upper Peninsula. I did not have my batteries charged for this first snow event either and the snow is now coming down more steadily. I won’t be home until after dark tonight.

PhotoFriday Submission Theme: I Love— I chose this photo because Buddha has given me hope as my life has gone through changes and I found my feet beneath me. I purchased this garden Buddha along a highway when I first started to travel without my husband. Traveling, especially to my father’s home, was not something I felt free too do. Jealousies of old boyfriends left my husband insecure and me controlled. But I bought this Buddha, I decided. I traveled. I still roam and trust my world. I love my life.


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