Powerful Felines

It is with sadness that I say goodbye to October. I am feeling melancholy even with these two powerful felines to brighten my day. I have had mood swings. I did not follow through with a deadline for my writing which will leave me out of the next issue of Health and Happiness. Yet, I had many photos juried into the Marquette Arts and Cultural gift store. I did not get my Halloween decorations up, nor did I get my grandson a card. But I did give him a tiny pumpkin weeks ago.

Why did today become, one of those days? The beauty of my walk on Presque Isle, the good news of acceptance, the evening spent watching my grandson play–these are GOOD things. Instead I am thinking of where I have dropped the ball. What I have not done or accomplished. How I want to be a larger part of my daughter and grandson’s life. How I want to take my writing more seriously.

I will not go gently into the goodnight of winter. I need to connect more with family. I need to organize my family and artistic work against the demands of my job(s). May my blessings be counted while I reach to better my heart.



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Upper Peninsula Michigan Artist and Writer

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