Art Every Day 6/30, Thinking in Shadow

This chair is in our unfinished camp. I imagined Mike sitting here thinking out the floor plan, where he will put studs for the bathroom walls, calculating how many feet of romex are needed to put electrical through.

But as I edit the photo, now, I am thinking of me sitting in the chair. The darkness that has crept into my soul before winter. Before winter. If I am in this shadow land, now, how will I make it through a sub-zero gray January?

I will turn 45 in January. Mid-life? And I am trying to find that spot of zen. The balance I had 4 years ago. The hope of healing my arm and neck. The hope of my massage practice, flourishing. I remember trusting the sands of Lake Superior as I would stand the shoreline rubbing the wet sand into my injured arm and letting the waters wash me clean. A wonderful therapy, really. I would follow by doing Tai Chi and Qigong. I would meditate and breathe deeply.

When I closed my massage practice. Something within me faded. I have had a difficult time facing the path, choosing a path, coping with my path. I sit in this chair, still?


About kimnixon

Upper Peninsula Michigan Artist and Writer

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