Road Trip–Naval Station Great Lakes

It’s a Road Trip in winter so I have an appointment to get my snow tires on this afternoon. We will be heading out Thursday for Naval Station Great Lakes. Mike’s son Terry is graduating on Friday morning. Most of you who know me, understand this is not a destination I would choose to visit. Usually when I go on a road trip it is to the wilds of the Upper Peninsula: Paulding Lights, Black River, Porcupine Mountains, Copper Harbor. Not this trip. This trip will have me on crowded highways heading toward larger and larger cities.

I am proud to go. Happy. Terry made a big decision and I support him 100%. It is never easy when your child, or someone close to you decides to join the military in a time of war. But you cannot protect your children forever, we raise them to become adults, independent thinkers, motivated, and they make choices we cannot control. I will stand by his father’s side and together we will watch this young man graduate. My own son, Randy, has hopes to join the Marines after his graduation from Michigan Technological University.

We will have some free time while on this trip and hope to get into Chicago and visit at least one of our “must sees.” And in order to go to one of our “must see” locations I want to stop at a good camera shop first. My circular polarizer has a tiny crack and if we make it to the Shedd AquariumI want a new one. Mike started exploring options for the trip last night, he looks intrigued by the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Mike and I will return on Saturday, late. This means my Art Every Day  commitment will be occurring away from computer and I will have to upload as I can Sunday (but I do work ealry in the monring) or Monday.


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