Art Every Day, 22/30, Illinois Beach State Park

Dune Grass, Illinois Beach State Park, photo copyright Kim Nixon

As Mike and I headed back to the North Country we stopped at Illinois Beach State Park. It was a cold gray morning. The only thing missing was snow, and there would be plenty of that once we were back in the Upper Peninsula. Our trip had been full of wind and cold despite being over 300 miles south of home.

The day looked like the sun was just rising, but the day was heading toward noon (Eastern Time). These clouds speak of Lake Effect snow perhaps on the Chicago shore. At times we could see a very faint Chicago skyline.

Zion Nuclear Power Station, Retired, photo copyright Kim Nixon

This is the Zion Nuclear Power Station on the North side of the beach.  There is more of the state park on the other side of this facility–we could not find the road to it. The plant has been retired, but dismantling will wait for the future when things are “safe.” It is interesting to read the info at wikipedia.

I had the flu on our trip. The morning we woke for Terry’s gradaution from boot camp had us running to the Walgreens across the street from our hotel. In this area of Illinois we found many Walgreens conveniently placed, everywhere. Needless to say, our time on the cold wind swept beach was short as I had been running a temp for two days.


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