Tab Benoit, Marquette Area Blues Fest 2008, photo copyright Kim Nixon

This is a photo from this past summer’s Marquette Area Blue’s Fest. The artist is Tab Benoit–you have to hear him play–but if you cannot you HAVE to read his biography. While searching my photos for this week’s theme “weathered” I had a wealth of shots. I scrolled through my photostream at and this one went by I got all giddy. Love the weathered guitar.


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  1. Oh, what a beautifully battered Telecaster! It reminds me of the late, great Irish bluesman Rory Gallagher’s (whom i was lucky enough to meet) battered Stratocaster, which he would ritually drag across the stage by the cable at the climax of one of his solo’s. Great shot. I’ll have to check Monsieur Benoit out.

  2. Tab had fun with the MC for the event when his name was mispronouced–all in good fun. But he was awesome, on his second trip to Marquette. The sun was setting as Tab played and it was hard to get many shots at this outdoor event. I will try overtime to get some more of my summer music shots on the blog, here.

    Do you make it to the states often?

  3. I was regularly in Dallas, and Florida a few years back, and in 1998 I was lucky enough to tour with my band on both the East and West coasts, visiting, NYC, Boston, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Chicago, San Francisco and Long beach to name a few. I loved it! Haven’t been for a while, but Miki and I are hoping to get over next year. More music shots sounds good!

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