Christmas with Liam

Grandson Liam Playing with Tops

Grandpa Mike picked up spinning-tops that light up. Liam watched very carefully and in a very short time, Liam would pick-up the top with two fingers and set them down–not bad for a little one only 17 months old.

Grandson Liam Opening Presents

Liam loved boxes this Christmas. Put-in. Take-out.

Grandson Liam Opening Presents

Liam opened his presents one peel at a time and then taking the wrapping to mommie or dada. And one time to Uncle, but then changed his mind and took the strip of paper to someone else. Liam was sharing.

This Christmas I had all three of my children and my grandchild come on Christmas Day. I feel so very blessed.

Mike the Elder will have all his children this holiday, too. Mike the Younger and Beth spent Christmas Eve night with us before heading out on an epic journey for 5 months. Tonight Terry, who is on leave from Naval Station Great Lakes, will arrive.

For photos of my yard on Christmas Night visit A Winter Journal, Notes from the Upper Peninsula.


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  1. What a sweetie! I love watching Christmas through the eyes of very young children. My two year old started to get the concept of a Santa this year and talked about what Santa would buy for him. So cute!

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