New Deal

Nardi Building, photo copyright Kim Nixon

Along with new doors in 2009, there may be New Deals. An opportunity knocked for me and I had to get over self-doubt and expand my learning. This is a shot of the Nardi Building in Ishpeming. Those of you who have followed my blog know I am more attracted to nature. Taking shots in a town or city feels like a tight shoe. I am learning to adapt. My life as a freelance photographer is taking off with a wonderful project for the Ishpeming Development Authority. Helping bring new development and pride to a famous mining town in the Upper Peninsula, is helping me shift back to an artistic life and income. We should not let the economics of our country stop us from growth. Opportunity is everywhere, open yourself to the possibility as 2009 unfolds.

“The New Deal was the name that United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave to a sequence of programs he initiated between 1933 and 1936 with the goal of giving work (relief) to the unemployed, reform of business and financial practices, and recovery of the economy during The Great Depression (source: Wikipedia).” 

Where I am not unemployed. I am embracing the thought of New Deals. I am thinking of this not as “welfare” rather as a concept of change, a pathway, a chance to expand knowledge and talents. I was watching a news show the other day that was addressing the many unemployed. They discussed ways to maintain during this “change” as well as new ways of looking at your talents.

I am beginning to see a very different life for myself. Being in the fridgid-cold all morning taking digital images, including sinking into a swamp, and then the long hours of processing images in my tiny second story studio, suit me.


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