Trenary–Not Phoenix

Not Phoenix, A Trenary Photo by Kim Nixon

I took a look at this digi-capture and knew the title immediately, Not Phoenix. The facade of this building reminds one of stone-faced structures in another place–not the wilds of the Upper Peninsula. And like the cold and sometimes desolate place that it is, The North takes its toll. This is NOT Phoenix Baby!

I tell people that in the Upper Peninsula we only travel as fast as the winter lets us. But that is not always true. Sometimes we push ourselves, wanting to get’r done just like people living everywhere. But this winter we had great snows and frigid cold. Sometimes we extend ourselves too far. Then frustrated we sit on the sidelines wanting to jump back into the game. Like this building that called to me.

This aging building, looks to be vacant. It is falling to disrepair. I want it! I want to start an artist co-op in this building. Now if I can win the lotto.

Now if walking up to it was not such a trial right now, with my knee. Oh how I want to check out the interior, climb its fire escape, check-out its bones.

You know it is the climate, the economy saddled with harsh winters, that was the downfall with this structure. Someone tried to make a go of it. Now…empty, vacant. Ghost dreams of new possibilities blow thru the crack windows.


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Upper Peninsula Michigan Artist and Writer

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