Guest Writer–Cynthia Morris on Blogging for Creativity

Blog for Creativity: Ten Reasons Your Muse Will Love Blogging

By Cynthia Morris

Blogging is a great way to add zest to your creative life. I love the way it engages me and my Muse. Here are ten reasons why blogging will bring your Muse around more frequently. Blogging:

  1. helps you focus your writing. Finding a good angle on a subject and spouting forth on it in under 500 words offers excellent writing practice.
  2. offers a great way to develop your visual art intelligence. I’ve been challenged to find photos that represent the topic and graphics that get my point across visually.
  3. is great conversation starter.
  4. invites your authentic voice out into the public and gives you a forum for your passion.
  5. keeps you alert to new ideas and concepts.
  6. helps connect you to a creative community of peers.
  7. allows you to develop content and ideas for products and books.
  8. fosters the opportunity to share links and resources that you love.
  9. gives you a deadline for posting art and writing.
  10. is FUN and fun always stimulates your creativity.

If you are considering blogging, I highly recommend it. If you’re a veteran blogger and need help keeping the pulse of your blog steady, consider my upcoming blogging class with Alyson Stanfield. See below for details.

Copyright 2009 Cynthia Morris. Cynthia coaches creative people to confidence and completion and inspires life as a creative adventure. Visit to get an infusion of inspiration for your art, writing and life.


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  1. Hi Cynthia,

    Thanks for sharing your insight.

    I find blogging a great way to awaken my creativity. As a habit I try to write a post on my blog every day to keep my creative juices flowing.


  2. Thanks Ryan! Blogging is a great structure for daily creating. I am glad you find it fun and creative!

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