Embracing Life, My Week in Review

Left to right: Skinny Grandma, Grand Baby Boy, Beautiful Daughter.

Left to right: Skinny Grandma, Grand Baby Boy, Beautiful Daughter.

It isn’t easy being green! Those famous words sung on the Muppets by Kermit the Frog haunted me this week. As many of you know I work with Developmentally Disabled Children and Adults in their home settings. My job enables families to function without placing their children in institutional facilities or homes. It is good work. I have a steady schedule that allows me to afford my life (to a point). I have a wonderful boss. I like the people I work with, we call them “consumers” a word I do not like.

So how does Kermit come into this?

Well let’s say it is was a week of unhappy “consumers” or a week where I am remembering making twice what I do now, or a week where I have that I used to be a (fill-in-the-blank) going on. Or even a week where I look at how little my paycheck affords me and I want to cry that I did not work harder, get a second job, or reign in my spending even. Heavy Sigh.

Understanding duality, I looked for the upside.

And I remembered it was a week of facing difficult secrets and approaching my eldest son in an awkward conversations via long distance cell call. The end of the call had me feeling 50-pounds lighter.

It was also a week of seeing the scale move, my clothes fall off my body, and my knee and shoulder feeling stronger. Discovering a new place to do Yoga–Mukta Yoga (more on that later)–and having new awarenesses in regards to my physical and spiritual body.

It was a week of bonding with Mike. Moving forward with Mike. A way of thinking “ours” not yours and mine.

The week brought love into my home with a family-dinner with my Grand Baby Boy, my daughter and her significant other.

I cleared out the clothes, that are falling off of me, from closets and drawers. Made clean and clear space in my home , body and mind.

I am seeing tiny buds, green things popping up before the snow even melts, and I do not cringe wen I see photos of myself. I am embracing today.

I love Kermit the Frog too! But now as I reflect over the whole-week. I think it is sad, that Kermit song. I am looking for a new song, upbeat, happy and hopeful. If you have suggestions leave a comment, please.


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