The Best Resource for Rice Caloric Content

Last night I made Thai food a wonderful hot curry with ginger and jasmine rice. Later, diet journaling into, I was shocked at what 1-cup of Jasmine rice had cost me! Today’s research project was to seek out a comparison of different rice types and form a chart I can use when making decisions as chef-for-the-night.

The good news is I did lose weight yesterday despite the huge blow from the Jasmine rice. I am fighting off a cold-which is the reason I curried and gingered-up my body in the first place. I believe the cold is burning through any carbs I offer it. Of course, I am worried. I am always ravenous when I have a cold and old habits would have me mowing thru the cupboards.

But the scale said 170.8 this morning!

People ask, “How are you doing this (weight loss)?”

It’s simple, Energy-in = Energy out. It is the only formula to live by.

Rice Comparisons (cooked)

  • 1 cup Brown rice Long-grain 216 calories
  • .5 cup Brown rice medium-grain 218 calories
  • .25  cup Lundberg short-grain brown 170
  • 1 White long-grain 675 calories
  • 1 cup White medium-grain 242 calories
  • 1 cup 267 White short-grain 242



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